Effective private investigator services with maximum discretion

If you are here, that probably means that you are troubled by a distressing issue that you can’t seem to solve satisfactorily by yourself.

Most people turn to private investigators in highly confidential business, private or family matters. This website is specifically for private cases. If you need help with business issues, click here.

Why should you turn to a private investigator?

If we were to list all the benefits to a private detective office, we could have a book with it. But the point is, in a nutshell:

A well-trained private detective is learning his profession for years and has many years of experience. He has access to a number of databases that he can use to share a part of his work with his desk. Subsequently, the evaluation, analysis of the information obtained from the source, is compared with the on-site (field) data, which is often quite time-consuming.

The experience mentioned above is very important. A truly experienced private detective, like myself and members of my team, has tens of thousands of hours of experience. Creativity is also indispensable. Every case is different, and even if there is often a similarity between them, not always routine solutions will result. The team's creativity combines with its wide-ranging, high-level experience, allowing you to quickly and efficiently resolve cases. These experiences, in addition to serious training, help greatly to make the best decision in every situation.

Discretion and trust are a fundamental requirement for us! For us, every case is confidential, we are treated with maximum discretion, and it is as important to us as you are!

Why trust us?

György Baráth, the founder and owner of the agency, has been working as a private investigator since 1998. Click here to read more about him. Our agency was established in 1999. Lone wolf detectives like Sherlock Holmes or Poirot are no longer viable models these days. Teamwork is essential in this business. Our colleagues are highly trained with decades of experience at the National Security Services and the police force, as well as in the civil sector. They are specialists in the many methods of intelligence gathering.

We have provided various security and investigative services to over 2000 clients from more than 20 countries. Thanks to the reliable and precise way we work, we have acquired a considerable reputation both domestically and internationally. Thanks to our extensive international connections and cooperation agreements, we can solve issues and follow leads abroad. Our company is a member of the Hungarian Association of Detectives, the Association of European Investigators (AIE) and the Association of British Investigat ors (ABI) with all the necessary police license and liability insurance.

We Get Results in Hungary, Because We Are in Hungary

Our memberships:

  • Hungarian Association of Detectives
  • Council of International Investigators
  • Association of European Investigators
  • Association of British Investigators
  • World Association of Detectives

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