Child and youth protection cases

Sadly, children and young adults can easily get mixed up with the wrong crowd.

Over 30% of children over the age of 14 smoke. Around 60% of 16-year-olds regularly consume alcohol. In spite of the seemingly strict youth protection regulations, according to which people under the age of 18 cannot be sold alcohol or tobacco, teenagers find it incredibly easy to obtain these products. 16-year-olds always have an 18-year-old friend who can buy alcohol and tobacco, making these substances easily accessible.

According to statistics, 20% of high school students have tried some kind of illegal narcotic. Drugs are also becoming increasingly attainable.

While the ratio of drinkers, smokers or drug users used to be much higher with boys, girls have unfortunately managed to catch up.

Teenagers also often fall in love with the wrong partner, which can lead to numerous problems.

Prevention is always best: talk to your children honestly and lead by example. If something bad does still happen, a professional private investigator agency will give you just the help you need.

child and youth protection

When should I start being suspicious?

  • If you notice jewellery or cash disappearing from the house
  • If your child no longer lets you come into their room
  • If they are hiding things and keeping secrets
  • If they have lost weight, lost their appetite or their personality has changed
  • If they spend less and less time at home and may be lying about their whereabouts

How can a private investigator help?

Uncertainty and suspicion destroys everything. What is more, parents are helpless to act until they know for sure what’s going on. Our professionally trained team can find out where your child is going, what they are doing, who they are making friends with, who they are seeing and whether they are smoking, drinking alcohol or even perhaps using drugs. We will prepare detailed documentation on this. If it turns out that something is indeed wrong, we can refer you to the appropriate psychologist, psychiatrist or specialist that can help you to move on.

Don’t live in uncertainty anymore; find out what your child is up to. Call us now at +36 1 475 1454, or send us a message. We treat every message with maximum discretion. Don’t be afraid to share your problem with us.

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