Private Investigator FAQ

  • How do I choose a private investigator?

    If you are browsing the Internet for a private investigator, it is a tall order. It is easy to get lost among the seemingly endless supply. Many people never make it past the first results page on Google. Others look for the cheapest or friendliest service. It is important that the private investigator you choose has a proper and valid license, insurance coverage, the necessary business and company registration, an office with a landline phone and membership in one of the domestic or international detective or private investigation associations. In addition, look for someone who has experience in police or Secret Service detective work. Another important criterion is experience as a private investigator in the given field. A private investigator must inform the client about the possibilities and conditions of feasibility and success, as well as potential failure. The price list should include reasonable and detailed fees and costs as well as a list of tasks performed, and an advance should only be requested in very special circumstances. It is also important that they offer a free consultation, which is available at our agency.
  • How much will a private investigator (team) cost me?

    The total fee will be calculated based on hourly rates. It also depends on how many investigators are necessary for a given case and how much travel is required. This is why we always give a personalised price quotation with a free consultation included. You have nothing to lose, so request a price quotation now. We treat every message discreetly and confidentially, even if you decide not to hire us.
  • What can a private investigator agency do that I can’t?

    A private investigator agency has state-of-the-art technology and a myriad of special databases at their disposal. Another non-negligible fact is that our agents have been highly trained, even in specialist areas such as surveillance. In addition, they have extensive experience, with some of our agents having 20 years of experience on the job. Our agents are also incredibly creative, which means that they can act efficiently in ad hoc, spontaneous circumstances. Following someone and taking a few pictures of them might look easy, but it is impossible to do by yourself. You will get busted in no time! Surveillance is a team effort. For example, when the suspect parks their car, there is no guarantee that you will also immediately find a parking space. You may even get stuck at a red light. Surveillance is normally conducted with at least 2-3 cars and 4-6 agents.

  • I have talked to the police. Can I still hire you?

    No problem. A police officer is much more overloaded than a private investigator. A private investigator will concentrate solely on your case, while a police officer has to handle several cases at a time, and the police force in Hungary is highly overworked. We have successfully solved many cases in conjunction with the police.
  • How can I know that the private investigator I hired is really working on my case?

    Everything is documented throughout the investigation. We will give you detailed updates on how the case is progressing, and per your request, we can also provide photo and video documentation to support any uncovered facts.
  • Can private investigators tap telephone conversations?

    NO! Legally, we do not have the right to tap phones or retrieve phone logs, which is why we never do it. What’s more, since it’s illegal, it can never be used in court anyway, except if you would like to be the defendant. Fortunately, we have enough tools at our disposal to successfully investigate cases without this particular method.


If you still have some questions unanswered, please call us at +36 1 475 1454.

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