Surveillance is the most effective form of secret, covert information gathering. The only available training in Hungary is at the National Security Service, which includes a theoretical and very expensive practical phase. Before you choose to employ the services of a private investigator agency, make sure that the people in charge of surveillance have received the necessary qualifications and have adequate practical experience because the majority of private investigators have neither. In other countries, especially overseas, it is considered such a specialised activity that it is a separate profession with a special license.

Although it’s a rather expensive service, you can obtain the most accurate and reliable information if you hire a true professional.


How does surveillance work?

When it comes to surveillance, many people think of Magnum or other TV detectives who follow suspects in cars and take photos when they pull over. In real life, this is completely unviable. This would be considered following rather than surveilling.
Just think about it. I’m sure you would think it suspicious if the same car was following you for a long period of time. It is by no means guaranteed that the suspect will park their car in a place where you will also immediately find a parking space. You can easily get stuck at a red light as the suspect disappears from sight. In reality, surveillance is teamwork at its best.

It is very important that surveillance be done by highly qualified professionals. Otherwise, the surveilled person may easily disappear, and the client has wasted their money on the private investigator. Or, the mission might turn into a car chase which can easily lead to embarrassing consequences. The suspect may also turn out to be under surveillance by somebody else.

What does surveillance take?

An excellent, coordinated team

Surveillance requires concentration, discipline, creativity and a well-coordinated team. Many different circumstances determine who the members of the surveillance team will be. It depends on the task, the probable movements of the surveilled person, their supposed activity and their known relationship network.

Modern technology

In order for everything to go smoothly, an adequate technological background is indispensable. Our equipment is state of the art.

Maximum discretion

In addition to professionalism, we consider discretion and secrecy our number one priority.

More on surveillance

Professional surveillance is not the same as following somebody. Different tracking devices, like GPS, cannot replace human action and effort, but they are excellent support tools for professional surveillance. These devices can track and record the movements and location of the vehicle, but they cannot provide any information on the activities of the surveilled person, especially after they have left the car. GPS is also unable to provide sufficient evidence and, therefore, defeats the purpose.

We prepare a so-called surveillance report on the findings of the surveillance activities, in which we will enclose certain documents such as photos and video recordings, as well as other data. It is partly for this reason we can confidently say that surveillance always yields accurate information.

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